Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Calendar - December 18

Day 18:  Wrap presents for the boys and girls

Before Seth was born, Will and I made a commitment to each other to always giving to those less fortunate.  Non-profits need donations every day of every month so we are sure to give all year long.  Christmas is an especially needy time for non-profits as they struggle to make sure every child has a toy and every mouth a hot meal.  One of my schools has an extremely high number of children living in poverty in Knoxville, therefore every year we sponsor one or multiple children from the angel tree that attend this school.  Seth knows that the presents are going to the boys and girls who many not have any presents this Christmas.  He is always very helpful when wrapping the presents and has deemed himself "the bow man."

Here are pictures from our wrapping last night:

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